In this Episode, I chat with my buddy Derrick Walker from Smoke-A-Holics Barbecue in Fort Worth Texas.  Derrick has been slanging BBQ for many years, he was doing popups before popups were cool!  I dropped by during a BBQ Run I did with my dad where we hit 26 spots in about a week back in December of last year.  Smoke-A-Holics was definitely one of the highlights of that trip and I was able to chat with Derrick earlier this year.  With his Culinary background and homestyle cooking they coined the phrase TexSoul  which  is Texas Barbecue with a Soul Food twist.  If you haven't been, you have to stop by this Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ Joint!  BTW, Smoke-A-Holics has already confirmed that they will be at The Heritage Barbecue Invitational, which is an event that will be held in San Juan Capistrano California to celebrate Heritage Barbecue's 2nd Anniversary on August 13th.  Get your tickets to that if you haven't yet!  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the show, this is Derrick Walker with Smoke-A-Holics!

Contact Info:

IG - @smokeaholicsbbq

FB - @smoke1tx


Address: 1417 Evans Ave, Fort Worth TX 76104

Hours: Tuesday 11-3pm, Wed-Saturday 11-Sold Out

Phone: 817-386-5658

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Music Credit: Audionautix- Dirt Road Traveler

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