Welcome to the I Crush Barbecue Show, I'm your Host, Abe Delgado

In this episode I take you back to the Heritage Craft Barbecue Invitational which was a celebration of their 2nd year Anniversary.  This event was the best BBQ event that California has ever seen.  We had some of the TOP Barbecue Pitmasters from across the country.  We also had the pioneers of Craft Barbecue from California and some of the up and coming beasts of Cali BBQ.  If you didn't make it out, I'm sad you missed out but at least I hope to provide a taste of the action.  I was able to interview quite a few of the pitmasters, there were 40+ so unfortunately I wasn't able to interview all of them, but we had some great representation.  I promise, you won't want to miss the next one!  I hope you enjoy the show!

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