We Kick-Off Season 4 with my conversation with Dayne and Ashley Weaver of Dayne's Craft Barbecue.  Stories like theirs is why I have a podcast in the first place.  Although you might think of struggle and sacrifice when you hear them share their experiences, but that's not really how they felt.  Their Strong belief in each other and the hard work and determination that's instilled in them made it feel like oh well it's just another day, we can work extra hours and just get through it.  They were made for each other and they were made to cook great Barbecue, believe me, I know!  I recorded this show back in December of 2021 and I was able to make it out there with my dad later in the month and my goodness, we were blown away.  That Brisket, that sausage and those dang Burgers are to die for. If you're not a fan of Dayne's after listening to this show, you're probably a robot.  I hope you enjoy the show!

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Location: 2735 W. 5th Street, Fort Worth, TX


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