We have a Very Special show for you today, I was Live and on Location at the Heritage Barbecue One Year Anniversary when I recorded this episode.   You'll feel like you're a part of the event as I walk through the crowd and chat with Owners Danny and Brenda Castillo, several happy customers and of course  the Pitmasters that came in town for this amazing event.  We had representation from Kansas City, Texas, CA and Monterrey Mexico so you'll hear me switch to Spanish for a moment while I chat with my buddy Luis Rivas who sends a big shoutout to our friends South of the Border but don't worry, I switch back to English in no time!  Remember, this is a live recording so the sound may not be perfect but I think you're going to love the content!  Before we kick it off, I want to send a huge thanks to Danny and Brenda and the whole Heritage Barbecue Crew for choosing me to help Organize the event.  Also Huge thanks to everyone that cooked, helped cook, set up and broke down, and especially all those that came to Eat!  IT was certainly one for the Ages!!  Stay tuned for some fun updates at the end of the podcast, and now kick back and enjoy the show!! 

Lookout for my next episode where I'll Drop 10 Underground BBQ Joints that are Crushing it in SoCal, you're not going to want to miss that one.   

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Music Credit: Audionautix- Dirt Road Traveler  

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