In this episode, I chat with Gabe and Dom of Holliday's Barbecue in San Diego California!  Gabe has recently joined the Civilian life after spending 11yrs as a Navy Man and Younger Brother Dom a former Marketing Entrepreneur has Joined Gabe in their quest to spread Texas Barbecue Goodness in San Diego. I hadn't tried their food when I recorded the episode but that has changed, check out my pics on Instagram to see my visit!  Gabe grew up in San Antonio and traveled all over the world while in the Navy so he's been able to capture various Flavors in his cooking, on the day I went I was treated to a delicious Boudin!  Another surprise was that Gabe has a buddy that bakes fresh Loaves of Delicious bread to go with the delicious Barbecue.  They're cooking on a Primitive Pit and they've done their research and done some extensive training with one of TX BBQ's best, Mr. Brendan Lamb of Smileys BBQ.  I hope you enjoy this episode, this is Holliday's Barbecue 


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