S3 Ep12 - ZEF BBQ

In this episode I chat with my buddy Logan Sandoval of ZEF Barbecue in Simi Valley.  Logan is a Chef with extensive knowledge in the Culinary World but he's the new kid in town when it comes to Barbecue. In a short period of time, this self-taught BBQ Cook has molded his Chef experience and his cultural influences to create some incredible BBQ fusions. I was blown away when I visited him at a pop up on a residential street in Simi Valley a few months ago and apparently some big food writers are noticing him as well.  This is a story of a family man that's doing what he has to do to survive and now It's starting to pay off.  This is only the beginning of his story, I hope you enjoy the show, this is ZEF BBQ.


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Music Credit: Audionautix- Dirt Road Traveler

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