In this episode I interview my buddy Karl Fallenius of OwlBear Barbecue in Denver Colorado. Karl has an incredible story that includes cutting his teeth at the legendary Franklin Barbecue,  slinging barbecue in the CO Underground scene and finally opening a brick and mortar in the heart of Denver.    We dive into his menu and he even gives us a recipe that is at the base of all of his proteins.  He also gives us a peek into the whole Denver Barbecue Scene and share's tips on where you should go if you're ever in the area. My buddy Scott Dube was actually eating at Owlbear while I was interviewing  Karl, you'll get to hear him give us a shout out in the background.   I had the great pleasure of visiting Owlbear in November of last year and I was extremely impressed with the incredible food.  You need to definitely add this to your list if you have not made it out.  I hope you enjoy the story, this is Owlbear Barbecue.


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