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In our 3rd Episode of the Season,  I chat with my friends Kristen and Stephen Rossler of Rosslers Blue Cord Barbecue in Killeen Texas.  They have an incredible story  that couldn't fit into just one episode so we'll have a Part 2 Next week!  In this first part we'll go into their backgrounds and where they "mostly " grew up.   They're both well-traveled due to their military backgrounds, Kristen was a military brat and Stephen is in the last leg of his military service, he's due to retire later this year.  Stephen has been known to help out many folks in the barbecue community and he truly appreciates the comradery which is similar to what he's had in the Military.   At one point he had no idea what he'd do once he retired but that all changed a few years back when he found his calling in the Barbecue World.  BTW he has connections to California BBQ!  Kristen has the small business and restaurant experience and she's found a new love of playing with fire!  Together they're an all-star couple and it was a pleasure to chat with them.  I hope you enjoy their Story, this is Rosslers Blue Cored barbecue.


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