In this Episode I sit down with Danny and Brenda Castillo of Heritage Barbecue in Orange County.  They are probably the most underrated BBQ Joint in California.  Although they bring the long lines and sell out every time they cook, they're not as recognized as some of the other big names.  This doesn't hold them back from putting out some of the Best Barbecue in the State!  Danny is an artist at heart and he immerses himself in his work.  He is passionate and is always looking for ways to improve and innovate.  Brenda aides in the preparation and creativity of the dishes at times but her main role is to maintain the operational side of the house.  She believes and supports her husband to no end and together they are doing some amazing things.  This is only the beginning for them!!  Oh and btw, please listen to the very end, I added an outtake that will make you literally laugh out loud :)  I hope you enjoy the show, this is Heritage Barbecue!

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