In this Episode I interview the very talented Photographer and Entrepreneur, Ben Sassani.  This Family Man who got into photography to take clear pictures for his family Albums, has converted this passion into a successful career.  He photographs beautiful ethnic weddings and also has a project entitled Shoot My Chef  which was an Idea from a late friend of his.  We chat about his photography business, his side projects and dive deep into his latest creation, BBQ Confessional  which has taken the BBQ Community by storm.  BBQ Confessional is a series of personal stories that are usually reserved for close friends and family but Ben manages to get the stories out.  You can find the narratives featured on Instagram with a beautiful Black and White portrait of the Author.  We'll get the inside scoop on some of these stories and learn how the process works.  You'll definitely want to follow Ben and look at his business websites to get a glimpse of his talent. 

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