Ep3 Ragtop Fern

In this Episode I interview someone you may not have heard of outside of California.  He is truly one of the Pioneers of the Southern California Underground BBQ Scene.  Fernando Carrillo, better known as Ragtop Fern,  is Born and Raised in Historic Filipino-town in Los Angeles.  For years, He's been serving up some Amazing Barbecue from his doorstep in his beloved neighborhood.  Although he's been featured on a few articles, has had opportunities and offers to grow his business, he chooses to stay small and fly under the Radar.  This Low-Rider enthusiast and longtime UPS driver is as humble as they come.  In car terms, he's the equivalent of the Classic Car in the Garage that only gets taken out on Weekends or Special Occasions and he's not interested in making it a daily driver.  This is the story of Ragtop Fern, I hope you enjoy the Show!


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