For our third installment of our #Texmexbbqseries , I chat with Joseph Quellar of JQ's Tex-Mex BBQ in Houston Texas.   JQ's is an Underground Tex-Mex BBQ joint that's  slinging BBQ at popups and at several other events and collaborations.  He's researched the history of Tex-Mex cuisine and he prides himself on keeping those traditions alive.  Although he cooks some great Central Texas Style Barbecue, he likes to think of himself as a Tex-Mex Joint first,  I don't blame him with some of the incredible dishes that he's throwing down.  We chat about his creative Menu which includes items like Fresh Made Chimichangas, Brisket Tamales with Queso, Puffy Tacos and so much more.   He tells us about how he started this BBQ adventure and the cool projects he has coming up which include an incredible collaboration this weekend with Khoi Barbecue, the Houston Barbecue Showdown and the Butchers Ball.   He even shares a bit of his personal side with us.  You won't want to miss this one.


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