Barbecue in California is Booming, I'm lucky to have moved here to witness this exciting era.  The Underground scene is part of the DNA here, you can find all types of foods, fruits and deserts and even Drinks in underground settings.  This has definitely contributed to the Barbecue explosion that we're seeing in SoCal. Over the next few weeks I'll be introducing you to some really cool popups that you might not have heard of yet but you will!  Some of these folks are catering and cooking in their backyards and others are doing popups at breweries, Farmers markets and other cool establishments.    For those folks that say there is no good Barbecue in California, you need to tune in and check some of these folks out!!!


 In this episode I sit down with Grant Mason of Foundry Barbecue in Orange County.  Grant is a Family Man that is born and raised in Huntington Beach.  He got hooked on BBQ while he was in College in Utah then after moving back to California and missing his go to spot he decided to start cooking his own.  Now a few years later he's taking his hobby to a new level.  Earlier this year he spent time with  BBQ Journeyman and Pitmaster at many top BBQ Joints including  his own Goldees BBQ which will be opening in the fall of 2019, Mr. Dylan Taylor.  This experience has given Grant the confidence to continue his trek towards opening a joint of his own.  Oh and by the way, he's cooking on a Sweet Fatstack Smoker!  With two young Children, his wife Kara pitches in when she can but she's known for putting out some incredible cookies at their popups but you must arrive early if you want some!  I hope you enjoy the Show, this is Foundry Barbecue!


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