In this Episode I take you with me to the LA food Bowl All-Star BBQ Event which happened Sunday May 12th.  LA Food Bowl is a Food Festival that has hundreds of events all around LA with a mix of local and world famous chefs, it lasts 31 days and starts on May 1st.  I wasn’t going to take my recorder because I didn’t want to bother any of the Pitmasters who were going to be busy serving... in the end I brought it along to interview some of the local fans & get their reactions. It turned out to be much more than I expected! Towards then end when everyone was wrapping up I was able to chat with the amazing Pat Martin who was so down to earth and friendly, Sam Jones who Is just the coolest kid on the Block & is the best story teller of all, Billy Durney the badass who was on my bucket list to meet someday that turned out to be the kindest gentle soul that has an aura about him, Matt Horn who is a young man overflowing with talent and part of our Cali family, Ed Randolph the author of the new Book entitled Smoked and my new homie, of course the always humble and positive Burt Backman who never has anything bad to say about anyone, my first Cali Familia Andrew & Michelle Muñoz who are killing it at Smorgasborg, and now back at breweries. I hope you enjoy it!


We are not a Business, we are a Culture - Billy Durney

Yeti Flagship Store in Austin hosting a Book Launch Party for Sam Jones and Danniel Vaughn's new book on June 8th

Horn Popup 2nd week of August in Lockhart TX.

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