In this Episode, I sit down with Eric Wech of FatStack Smokers, One of the premier Pit Builders in the County.  They've played a critical role in the Barbecue boom that California has been experiencing over the past few years.  Their customers include Trudy's Underground Barbecue, Moos Craft Barbecue,  The Barbacoa Boyz, the Offset BBQ, Beer Run BBQ, Flatpoint Barbecue and many many more.  Eric is an artist with a welders torch, this ex-Welding instructor is putting out some incredible pits and is always looking for ways to innovate.  During my visit I was lucky enough to see a Hybrid Model he was working on as a special request, take a peek at it on their Instagram @fatstacksmokers I hope you enjoy it!  

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Eric Wech in Hollywood


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